Sewage Treatment Plant

Sewage Treatment Plants  – also known as package sewage treatment plants are more sophisticated than a septic tank, they are roughly the same size but there are a few key factors you should know about which are listed below:

  • Sewage treatment plants cost more (approx 2.5x) than septic tanks
  • Can outlet to surface water drains and water-courses (with EA approval)
  • No need for an expensive drainfield or soakaway usually
  • Treat sewage fully, unlike septic tanks
  • Require an electric power feed (approx 80W for a 3-bed house)
  • MUST have EN12566 – Part 3 Certification
  • Require Consent to Discharge (usually free) from the EA
  • Two main types, mechanical aeration (rotating disc) and air-blowers
  • Bacteria in the tank require oxygen to process sludge
  • 95% of material entering the tank exits the tank, just the sludge is collected
  • Require emptying annually usually
  • Suitable for 6 to 300 people
  • Running costs approx. £400pa for de-sludging, a service and power for a three bed-house

These systems require an electricity supply to power a small compressor or motor to help circulation.

An annual service is absolutely essential to ensure efficient operation and prevent major problems. We offer a cost-effective annual service that will keep your plant running smoothly all year round.