Maintain Your Tank

Service Your Tank

Everyone who owns a septic tank or sewage treatment plant has a duty of care by law to look after it. Keeping your septic tank or sewage treatment system well maintained is the best way to ensure it continues to function safely and effectively. We service every type of septic tank and sewage treatment plant on the market.

Benefits of a Sewage Treatment Plant Service Plan

  • Free initial tank assessment
  • Compliance with the Environment Agency who can issue large fines for dysfunctional tanks
  • Prolongs components which would otherwise rot/rust/block
  • Hassle free – one phone call to us and we’ll do the rest
  • Prevents expensive emergency call outs
  • Emptying and servicing usually costs less annually than being on mains sewerage


For domestic tank owners we would recommend you call us to arrange a free visit to have a look at your tank then we can assess it’s current state then we can go from there.

Sewage Treatment Plant Service Cost

It depends on a few factors such as the condition of your tank, the make and model, how much sewage it treats, distance we have to travel and so on. The best thing to do is contact us and request a free site visit so that we can make an assessment. After that we can provide a detailed quote you for any of the levels of cover.


As a guide, for a small tank/plant in good condition that treats domestic sewage a service will cost in the region of £100-£150. Commercial applications usually range between £150 and £300. Please bear in mind that site visits need to be within a reasonable distance of our base.


We offer a 10% discount on your service if you successfully recommend us to a friend!

What Is A Sewage Treatment Plant Service?

  • Volume inspection (to give you an idea when the tank may next need emptying)
  • Wash down internal media
  • Check chain/belt condition, re-tension if necessary
  • Lift and clean pumps
  • Change and top-up oil/grease levels where necessary
  • Test the pump motors
  • Clean and check the operation of the floats non-return and gate valves and all associated electrical Connections
  • Inspect the pit itself – remove foreign matter that could be detrimental to the smooth running of the plant
  • Test the electrics and check the control panel and electrical supply
  • Make safe all covers, guards and inspection chambers

How often should I get my sewage system serviced?

It depends on your system and it’s usage patterns but generally once a year for a domestic system, more frequently for commercial systems (upto once per quarter).

Simple and Clear

We will make things as simple and easy for you as possible. We’re happy to answer all of your questions that you might have about your tank and the level of service. Following each visit we will send you a report of our findings together with an invoice for the service. Any minor faults found during the service visits will be fixed there and then. Should we pick up on any major faults, we will notify you and recommend a solution.

What’s included in a service report?

Our service report includes the following:


  • Site details and address
  • Tank/treatment plant make and model
  • General condition of tank
  • Description of service carried out
  • Description of any repairs made
  • Advice on future repairs
  • Advice on effluent levels and when tank should next be emptied
    Condition of drain field (if applicable)


The Service Report is then signed and dated by one of our service engineers, we keep a copy for our records and give you a copy for yours. This serves as a record that you have made a conscientious effort to properly maintain your tank should the Environment Agency make inquiries.

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