Waste Water Systems

Waste Water Systems

Here is a brief guide to the types of waste treatment systems available to domestic and commercial customers. We hope it helps you understand which type of tank might be suitable for you.


  • package sewage treatment systems
  • septic tanks
  • soakaways
  • drain fields and land drains
  • cess pits
  • interceptor and separator tanks
  • rainwater harvesting tanks
  • reed beds


Much of the information here is taken from the Environment Agency (EA) Pollution Prevention Guidelines 4: ‘Treatment and disposal of sewage where no foul sewer is available

Which Sewage Tank Do I Need?

We’ve put together a decision tree to help you decide.


If you have plenty of land a septic tank and soakaway /or filtration field might be best. If space is of a premium and there are nearby surface water drains or water courses a sewage treatment plant might be best. Cesspits are a last resort!


  • Package Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Septic Tank
  • Land Drains and Drain Fields
  • Cesspit

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